How to Scan Documents on Your Phone

We prefer that if you need to send us a document, you provide us with a quality scan in PDF format.  Sending photos to us often does not provide us with an image that is readable, or able to be printed.

Instructions are included below for both Apple and Android users.



You are able to scan documents using Notes.

Open Notes and select a note or create a new one.

Look for this app on your device  How to transfer local iOS notes with iCloud | The iPhone FAQ

  1. Tap the Camera button , then tap Scan Documents .
  2. Place your document in view of the camera.
  3. If your device is in Auto mode, your document will automatically scan. ...
  4. Tap Save or add additional scans to the document.

To send your notes to us:

  1. Open the note you want to share.

  2. Tap the Note Actions buttontap Send a Copy, then choose how to send your note.

For more  information about using this function on your Apple phone, please see the Apple website.



You are able to scan documents with Google Drive.   

Look for this app on your device  

Scan a document:

  1. Open the Google Drive app Google Drive.
  2. In the bottom right, tap Add Add.
  3. Tap Scan Scan.
  4. Take a photo of the document you'd like to scan.
    • Adjust scan area: Tap Crop Crop.
    • Take photo again: Tap Re-scan current page Refresh.
    • Scan another page: Tap Add Add.
  5. To save the finished document, tap Done Done.?

Send Google Drive attachments in Mail from your Device:
  1. On your computer, open Gmail.
  2. At the top left, click Compose.
  3. Click Google Drive .
  4. Select the files you want to attach.
  5. At the bottom of the page, decide how you want to send the file: ...
  6. Click Insert.

Add a scanning shortcut to your Home screen:

To set up a shortcut to scan documents:

  1. Open your Android phone or tablet's widgets.
  2. Find the "Drive scan" widget.
  3. Touch and hold the widget.
  4. Drag it onto your Home screen. You may be asked to select an account.
  5. Choose the folder you'll save documents inside. If you want to create a folder, tap New Folder New folder.
  6. Tap Select. You'll see the folder name in the widget.